1) “When you are sleeping and you move, but I pull you closer and you relax.”
2) “When you get excited about something your face gets a little red. You look so beautiful.” 
3) “When you watch shows you are invested in and something happens you always say “WHAT?!” Wha-why are you laughing?! Yes it’s one of the things I find endearing about you! Well I’m not finished yet so hold your comments till the end!”
4) “When you walk into someone’s home and you greet the animals before you greet the people.” 
5) “When you braid your hair after you shower and it stays wet for the rest of the day.” 
6) “When you pick up a stuffed animal and instantly assign it a personality.”
7) “Whenever you work with marker or paint you somehow get it all over your hands. You look like a rainbow. Oh, happy pride month, by the way.” 
8) “And lastly, I think, (unless I come up with another one in a second) is that you always give people the benefit of the doubt—even if they don’t deserve it.”