of curve and sinew beneath
Heaven’s God. I am the
Eve of Sin grown from roots
of Knowledge- the garden of
sweetness taken from the trees,
its fleshy fruit I
hold upon my tongue. I am
rejuvenated shame, open eyed too
I hear God coming… close.

when seed turns to bloom I’ll
define Death searching for me. never
losing periphery of Yeshua’s gift to die
upon the cross. my heart is still again
-this portion of me residing in Him so
I’ll never die again so lightly.

note: end words ‘beneath the roots of trees, I am to close.’ and ‘I’ll never die again so lightly.’ are from I Am Too Close written by Wistawa Szymborska. I’ll never die again so lightly was also used as my last line in the poem as i felt it fit the theme well.