A fake ruby from Sears, his 25th anniversary gift. She never forgave
him for buying rock bottom wine, Franzia Sunset Blush, for canceling
the vacation through the Rockies on a sleeper train. She was bitter. Cussing
him out was the next best thing to touch. What could quelch the bonfire
of her revenge? A 36-inch strand of Tahitian pearls? Piano roses with bejeweled
ribbon twisted around the fresh-cut stems? Finally he surprised
her with a three-day weekend in Vegas for her retirement. Complete with free
seafood buffets, Johnny Carson tickets at Caesars Palace & complimentary
golfing. She bragged about her lucky haul on the slots & told—over
& over—the story of how she cracked up in the 25th row
until she almost peed in her tapered silk slacks. The all-you-can-eat
lobster bar & the $48 helicopter tour of the Strip—unforgettable.