A soft touch to a painful end
I’m sorry, we know it had to come to this
Inhaling your words as I suffocate trying to comprehend
I wish I could’ve left in utter bliss
I wish I was good enough to stay
I feel the the unstableness in every shaky breath you breathe
So much pain in you to continue on and wake up every day
Begging, digging to just see what’s underneath
It’s hard, baby I know
I would stay you know I would
We’re all low
I know you don’t want me to leave, which pains me, but we both know I should
So here it is, for once, goodbye my love
I must be relieved from your intoxicating soul that I cling onto as if it were fresh air 
I’ll look down on you from above 
Even after you look me in the eyes and say you don’t care
Ill find you one day
Dont look too hard for me
the work will not have a rewarding pay 
Because I will be buried six feet deep and that’s the way it will always be 
It was lovely dear, don’t remember me harshly, but rather with a soft touch.