This morning, a Verse tapped me on the shoulder.   

Aren’t you supposed to be putting me to page
And parading me around for all the world to see?
Accusing stare.  

I suppose.
Noncommittal shrug.  

You made a commitment to the word…to the world.
You promised to pen a poem per day,
Yet I’ve been waiting for over a week.
Condescending smirk.  

I’m just not feeling that inspired.
Apologetic smile.  

Inspiration is a myth made up by cowards.
Fearlessness, fortitude, discipline, and determination,
That is what it takes.
Brows raise in challenge.    

Honestly, you’re coming off as a bit pretentious
And it seems like a lot for just some stanzas.
Defiant eye roll.  

You are a pathetic excuse for a poet.
Disgusted grunt. Walks away.  

I know. I know. I know.
Head turns slowly, as I watch Verse go.