there’s something about
this woman with me
that I have to grab her hand
as we walk
out into the scorching 
parking lot
while she cradles 
our road snacks
to her chest
she wanders
like a new born giraffe
caught in the blinding sun
and I loved it

I said I would never
eat in my own bed
but we sit naked 
with blankets pulled 
up around our waist
with damp skin
and sore muscles
sharing the snacks
we hid from the children

or how I deemed it 
unhealthy for someone
to have a television 
in thier bedroom 
yet I can’t wait 
to lay down
with the Golden Girls
as I slide my legs
in between hers

I found there were
a lot of things
I said I didn’t want
or thought I needed
until they bloomed 
in front of me
as this tall woman
with wild hair