When the camper fell off its hitch
on the interstate, on the bridge
over the Cumberland River,
we were up a creek without a paddle.
Actually we had four paddles
that go with the two kayaks
on the roof. What we didn’t have
was a jack that would lift the camper
enough to get it back on the hitch.
We tried to lift it ourselves
but we couldn’t get it high enough.

There were semi trucks speeding
by close enough that we had to pull
the mirror in on the truck.
But the worst part was that the road,
being a bridge, was bouncing with each vehicle
and believe me, the Cumberland River
is a scenic place but when you are stuck
on the side of a bouncing highway
with only a concrete barrier between you
and an Olympic-worthy dive into said river,
you don’t want to look down.

That was when we decided to call 911.
Definitely more than a simple AAA matter.
I really thought we were going to die.
Enter Deputy Butler, our knight
in shining armor with flashing lights
and a good knowledge of hitches
and campers and newbies like us.
Did I mention this was our first trip
with our new camper? It’s a long story
so let me just say, we made it home
with a tale to tell and more adventures
in our prayed for future.