Dear Caroline, 

                    Hi sweetie, I hope you feel better about your insecurities today. I know you don’t like the attention your height brings to you. I personally think it would be amazing to be 6’1 at twelve years old. You’ll never have to ask someone to get you something from the top shelf or be upset about the sun visor not actually blocking the sun for you when you are old enough to drive. I got the photo you sent me of you in your basketball uniform and you look like an all star! I’m doing okay, I appreciate you asking. Still holding on to a few strands of hair. My doctor said it is not likely to grow back but my friend Elma and I are going to the wig shop on the south side of town to find me some new hair. The shop is called “Bad Hair Day’, I really find a lot of humor in that. I’ve always had dark hair so I thought maybe it would be fun to change that. They do say variety is the spice of life. I’ll just have to get there and see I suppose. I hope your team does well this season and I’m looking forward to your next letter.

                                                                                        Your Pen Pal,