Does he really like me
Gee, I think he’s swell
Who wants to know
Whose askin’

Thinking I remember
There was a storm
Anger or love or water
Who wants to know
Who’s askin’

When I got home she had changed.
The war changed her.
The war changed you
Said the Doctor.
You can’t always blame the war
Said my brother.

Your mother forgives you always.
Your father sees himself there.
There is no true forgiveness.

When the smoke stops burning your eyes,
When you finally see the fire,
You are your father.
Same ring on your hand.
Same old, cruel hand.

When I awoke in the brightening gray
I craved to see the dawn light breathe
But the warden wouldn’t set me free.
I can’t get God to take my heart
The army will never let me be.
The checks they send
To kill me off
Will never end.

Yes, I love you honey.
Yes, I love you fine.
Tell your Mom and Daddy.
Soon I’ll make you mine.