Savor the things you love

because you never know

that the last time

is the last time.


When we said goodbye to Kelly,

I looked forward to more

long-distance trips

and long conversations

with my new friend.

I thought she would beat that damn cancer

like she promised.


I do not remember the last time

I petted my dog

and kissed her

and told her goodbye.

Because I was packing for a trip

and I thought

I would see her

in a few days.

I wish I could have that memory back.


The comedy theater I used to visit

every year on my birthday

as a child

is finally closing.

I will probably not get there

before the final curtain,

not get to laugh

with old friends

over popcorn.

My last visit

was my last visit.


Savor what you love.

Everything changes,

everything ends

without warning.