Dair did not have a toothbrush 
until the  County Health Department
sent one home with all of the kids-
she was in the 4th grade.

She grew up without
even an outhouse – they just
“shit right out there on the hillside”-
the luxurious privy came later.

Christmas was acknowledged
with bright hard candies doled out
maybe an extra pie, and little else.

They “did not notice The Depression”
as they  “were always that poor.”

I don’t understand where her
refinement and gracious attitude came from.
China bought one piece at a time.
Full glass candy dishes, all the time.

Her evening beauty routine
would rival royalty ,
her cooking and  flowers
were legendary.

I would like to have a sliver of
her dedication to beauty and order,
of beds made up “the right way;”
brights against brights and washed every week.

Always enough, and more than enough.