Hold me back in time
Two and a half years passed
In the glow of a videotape
Knifing through the line
The moon breaks skin
And voices bend like waves
Your eyes are greener
Than before you shot it up
A sanitized head burns
Poems into your arms
Our hands bleed kindred
Mellow, draining words
From the a kid’s watercolors
We were art kids we were
Sadistic little voyeurs
I want your philosophical
Nightmares and your doctor’s
Words of wisdom, I have
The paper balled back
Into the art drawer, verses
Pulled slack in the schoolyard
Ghosting all the teachers and
Locking your jaw shut
Anna come home, you left
A painting in my shut eyes
Two outgrown children
In the woods in the deer hunt 
Silences intertwined with
The click of a paint gun
Bouncing off your cheek
Make it art for someone