Yesterday I did good eating well.
Today, however, it all went to hell.
I met a friend, we went and played some golf.
And toward the end my sugar level dropped.

We went inside and I ordered my food.
The pretty barmaid smiled and wasn’t rude.
They brought a burger bigger than my head.
I ate it all with fries and now I’m dead.

They gave us some free wings for us to taste.
Because of mamaw, I just couldn’t waste.
We swallered them and told em they were great.
And once again there was an empty plate.

Ten thousand steps.
That’s like 5 miles.
I’ll head out to the sidewalk in a while.
Tomorrow comes.
Hope I do better.
And I’m hoping there is slightly cooler weather.

That roller coaster there, well that’s my weight.
I try pretty damn hard to change my fate. 
I will not change my course due to the wind.
But I’ll spin in circles for a damn good friend.