In the early days I would beg for traces of you.
You obliged my yearnings with a hummingbird hovering
above the crimson geranium on the porch- a first!
My orchids waved with no breeze as I paid bills 
at the kitchen table.
I am always under the watchful eyes of Clancy
our therapy dog who crossed over to an emotional 
support role instinctively knowing the need.
Following instructions from you I’m sure.
The day after we scattered your ashes in the waters of Maui
you gave me a magical journey as I snorkeled with a
special green sea turtle.
Your voice fills my ears when I am most unaware.
Special songs suddenly pop from the radio.

I still ask for signs and got one that stays.
Your distinctive flared nostrils grace Jaxson’s face.
He is the grandson you never met. The one born 
sixteen months after.
My heart leaps every time.