Where are you when I need you
not when my father or uncle dies
or my heart is broken or the dog
is run over because in those times
I am cold to the touch I am iceberg
lettuce I am frozen yogurt I am the
administrative assistant of my dreams
and no not when I’m feeling extra
bipolar and laughing at a vacuum cleaner
or dancing while washing the dishes
where are you when I really need you
when I’m holding my wife’s hand
when my children are flipping around
the playground when my submissions
are accepted when I need to feel the
sunlight on my skin when I need to feel
the grinning fire around me when I need
to not take things for granted because
that’s when I’m lost that’s when I’m asleep
like after a turkey dinner that’s when
I need assistance so where are you when
I need to absorb instead of repel where are you
when I want to sing at all the right times?