Lemony heady tightly wrapped vanilla buds
thick sticky arms in quiet fetal repose
open slowly in sun’s embrace
fragile heartbeat steady until it isn’t
when it isn’t love seeps thru the veil

all the sweat tears joys fears 
co-mingled lives breathing each other’s organs
re-embraced in reunion it’s as though never parted
as memories gush and hugs bust locks
trust exudes spilled gems

one breath breathes kapalabhati
as belly-kindled fire sets ice in motion and current eases and stills

nature’s spirals remind us she is ever for-giving
she forgets all the poison we feed her
forgives our unconscious pruning
and still she opens her heart in reckless abandon
as a lovers embrace or a daughter’s water breaks        
          life’s hymns and tears flower in sweet dilation

oh how much she LOVES us, if only we listened . . .
sat a spell dropped our masks peeled our armor

Love dives deep without tanks
swims on the finest level of feeling
soothes maladies pours poignant sweet lemon balm
to heal all wounds
gently rocks and holds us to her bosom with strong white arms

Aaahhh the magic potion of Miss Magnolia’s spell . . .