first a flotsam in the backwater
of greenpoint, a bushel of failure
and hand wring

#2 brought sunny diego, break
from apron string, the wow of sister love,
easy naval slide & unknown seed plant

overseas oversaw the third as a nurse,
before blood and after
Dr. Tom as first mate till death

this one starts where it ends:
helicopter lifting
from rooftop

ho ho…the stork late 
by decades with its bundle
of a full grown grand child

the 6th era begins as somebody’s error
when the twins fall down
in a vision from greenpoint again

this last stretch, spent with glowing Penelope, 
house boated on the river Dix
comes to a stop as she speaks

the unseeable octave from now till then
rises with a sunset condo at alligator 
lake, by its end there’ll be no 96.