We pulled the dishwasher      
out from under the counter.   
A corrugated copper pipe
connected the machine
to the hot water valve
beneath the sink.
It was warm to the touch.  

Wooly bears predict the weather.
Wide rusty bands
with black on the ends, 
should mean a mild winter.  

Stationary – not moving or changing.
How long does it take to watch
40 seasons of Survivor,
23 Marvel movies,
75 episodes of Alone?
Not as long as you would think.  

Stationery – writing materials.
You buy me post-its and purple pens.
The good ones.
That don’t smudge.  

All day you stand in front of 500° ovens.
At home you shiver in mittens
and socks made of llama wool.
I bring home the tiny heater
from my classroom
to keep you warm.  

Roasted kale and shitake mushrooms,
rich in copper,  
sit in sheet pans on the stove.
Salads with purple pickled eggs,
beets, thinly sliced radishes,
sprigs of fresh herbs.    

Seven years of pride(s).
Seven years of work.
Seven years of love.
Seven years of marriage.