Most see distance and silence.
I see caution and brilliance.  

There’s a security check, background check,
reference check, and probationary time before
being granted a ticket into her world.  

Introverted, introspective
seemingly serious, reluctant.
She keeps treasure hidden—
the map too—unless
she chooses to share with you.
She cares not for explanation.  

When she laughs with the fortunate,
a sliver of shimmer splits the world
wide open and her personality, humor,
sincerity, and generosity are exposed
and burst forth from her golden chest.
I’ve known her sparkle since the beginning,
have passed all the checks
here in the middle,
have been handed down invaluable riches–
a lifetime pass for time, closeness and conversation
in her charming world.
I love to hear her laugh
and delight in her character.

She’s takes after her mother.