I was fifteen and full of energy 
Time stood still on the outskirts of town 
There was a kwikstop and a carpet store 
That sat between the main road 
And the hollow road that wound up the creek
Down where the lightening bugs came out early
There was little light or noise pollution
Nothing to disturb the thick heat of summer 
You could lay out on the hood of your car 
Watch the light show of the stars, hear the crickets
If you were lucky hear a whippoorwill
I saw myself in a much different way 
From a whole different perspective 
Angles were just angles 
Degrees were wrong and in opposite directions 
Polarized in a manner which blindsided me 
In all the best ways, I know that now 
While that end of town had a great nighttime view 
I was never meant to be living out this life
Under that end of the Milky Way.