I’m sorry I’m late for this life.

Can I borrow someone’s notes?

I had the wrong location written down.

Consequently, I got a lesson on love
            that never really applied to me.

So I went to another location,
            but that was the wrong vocation.

I tried something else somewhere else,
            and that lesson lasted a while
                    before I discovered
                                   that wasn’t right either.

I thought maybe I should return
               to the location of my first vocation.

I thought I had nailed it this time
                I just needed more education.

So I lingered there.
       I drank tomes and I bled sweat.

When it was time to finally accelerate
        my body ran out of gas at the side of the road.

So I sat.
    I waited for a tow truck.
            I opened my dusty guide book and looked.

A driver I had known all along
            refueled me and sent me on. my way.

I had read my guide book wrong all along.

I was never at the right location
                              or in the right vocation.

So here I am.

Hoping I got it right this time.

What did I miss?