Depression a masked claw’s strangling grip
Clutches seep into lung’s ebb and flow riff

Even when sun shines no heat no beat
Rhymes and rhythms no say no one obey

No Super Bowl Party sharing guacamole dip
Yelling gladiator cries sitting hip to hip
The warriors all slam-dunks done
People crammed like sardines screaming “WE WON!  WE WON!”

Oh I’m cool you say I never spray when I scream and swish half court away

Yeah the numbers are down ALL OVER town
Yet Omicron variants are quite renown

When will we discover truly uncover we are not in this scourge alone? 

No cure   No fix   No vax  
For this alien social dis-ease
We’re on our bloody knees
          Geez Please
It’s not a mind bender
It’s quite simple

Take a WE
Throw in an US
Make it OURS
Don’t go to BARS

When you wear a mask on your chin
No one wins a selfish sin

And the fragile have died and will die and will die . . .
You think you don’t know them
They are YOU!!!