Stuck in this masculine job

in this masculine life.

And I just want to come home

and be your girl.

I want to bring her out,

that part of me

I hide all day.

Give her the freedom to be herself

and to be as girly as she wants.   

And you love me like this,

my playful, feminine side

so sweet and sensual

and so alive.

You love every giggle

and every pout.

You love holding me in your arms

and making me feel cherished.

You treat me like a princess.   

Your kisses taste so sweet.

And when you lay me down,

you make me feel

as natural as Carole King.


I just want to stay

in this world that we create,

far from the eyes of the world,

our private paradise.

But when you fall asleep,

the makeup comes off.

And soon morning comes streaming in

harsh and bright

like reality.


I spend all day

thinking about you,

wanting to be with you.

I can’t get enough

of our time together,

of being seen and loved

for who I really am.

I love being yours,

the way you look at me,

the way you touch me.

I love being transformed

in your eyes.

You make me feel safe

and protected.

Some day,

these solen moments

may be our life.


But I’m happy here in your arms

for now,

surrounded by your love.