It’s almost the last day of school.
Watch out mom and dad, cause here they come.
If you don’t work, then you will soon.
They’ll be up at 6 o clock in your bedroom!
Screaming and fighting.
“We got nothing to do!
Can you spend a little gas and money please?”
So it’s off to a movie, “I wanna go home!”
There went 50 dollars!  Someone shoot me please!

And if you have a job, get ready.
The extortionists are waiting across town.
They want to be paid like a doctor gets paid
To watch your kids run around!
And the food they feed em ain’t fit to eat.
Do you know what a salad sandwich is?  
It’s two pieces of bread with some salad dressing.
It’s ridiculous, but I swear it’s true!
They’re gonna get bit,
Better watch for bugs.
You better hope the workers ain’t high on…
Life…or whatever.
Sometimes they are, and one time I heard
They were even selling life out of there.

So maybe they’re better off in school.
Summer’s always hot.
Sometimes it just ain’t cool.