They shuffle in with their crucifix necklaces
Breathing and exhaling pious wafts of air
Impatient to be seated
They didn’t hold the door open for the pregnant woman and her two small children
bibles first, they pushed their way through

The kind of folks who have scripture in their bios but post about the (insert minority group) invading their “Where’s my Merry Christmas Coffee Sleeve?!?” Starbucks.
The type to make a scene for their small army of white friends
Just to say, “you’re so pretty” to my son’s mother
Then casually use the n word around white-only company

These folks who feel uplifted by their own self-righteousness
Their reward is surely heaven
For posting a meme that tells their non-muslim friendlist how they haven’t forgot about Jesus

Jesus — he may have recieved a prayer in exchange for an instagram picture 
From our virtue posturing Christian neighbors

The type to give big in church when the congregation is watching

But only tips advice

At Sunday Brunch