I salted up my chicken
And throwed it in a sack.
Shook it up in flour
Up down front and back.
Dipped one piece in the skillet
I heard the old hog hiss.
I knowed this was one dinner
You wouldn’t want to miss.

Filled her up and put the lid on top.
It’s the one thing that I know that grandma taught.

Before you know it I looked
It was a purty copper brown.
I put it on the table
And the family gathered round.
The little ones were cussin
And saying things that they should not.
By now they’re old enough
That I won’t be forgot.

A smiling face beneath a golden mop.
What kind of lessons will they learn, that their dumb ol uncle taught?

When I think about it much
A few tears run down my cheeks.
I’ve done my best to navigate
Life’s valleys and it’s peaks. 
I know they’ve seen the fire.
They’ve heard the thunder in my voice.
But they know I love em
She’s my girl and they’re my boys.

I’m trying hard to be a better man.
To love myself so they know that they can
Love them too.