Though the bar doesn’t look like much,
this place of sinners and degenerates
may contain more holiness
than I’ve seen in most churches.

It’s become a spiritual home of sorts,
me on the karaoke stage
or the dartboard lane,
but the people make up the miracles.

I see Jesus here
tending to His sheep
for tending to brother and sister
when one of us gets stripped of wings.

Tonight my heart came in angry,
broken, confused, you name it,
I was feeling it,
unable to escape on my own.

They called on friends named Jameson
and Jack Daniel
to help chase the devils away
while sealing ourselves inside this Eden.

When billiard balls don’t fall
or my karaoke voice cracks,
everyone claps all the same
because those things don’t matter

and one time or another,
I did the same for them.
Thus the darkness that entered with me
is expelled and forgotten.

Jesus holds me then.
He promises justice and reward,
blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.

I know it to be true
as I joke and laugh with Him,
confide in Him, and occasionally
share a drink with Him.