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Lexington Poetry Month
Taken Care Of
article by
Jessica Swafford

I’m starving, but it’s a humid,
Summer night, and I’m lazy. 
I’ll have a wrap again – soft tortilla, 
Some turkey, spices, and shredded cheese.
Microwave it for one minute.
It’s quick and easy
And meets the minimum needs. 
Sadly, it’s not just the menu
That gets taken care of this way. 

6 responses to “Taken Care Of”

  1. life is indeed full of the bare minimum requirements. we keep imagining the 12 course banquet, but there’s a microwave in all of our decisions… or least in mine.

    • Jessica Swafford says:

      I feel like it has been a microwave type of life lately. When I get a little time, I’m going to work on a found poem made up of your most interesting comments to poets this year. I’ve been writing them down!

  2. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    Too true.

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