A young boy with newborn shine still on his behind
Strolled carelessly down the street

His thoughts soared like the neighborhood birds returning from the winter
To sing his favorite melody

His back ached from lack of nutrition
Stomach numb through acclimation 

His folks didn’t know he had been gone for the last week
Well, they never texted or called to show they cared he was absent 

He had just walked the 6 miles across town
Dazed from the smoke of a poorly rolled joint

Pondering his place in the world he stumbled over a sidewalk crack
He awkwardly stepped back into equilibrium and raised his head

The sprout was looking at a person
Possibly homeless but certainly down on or devoid of fortune

Gazing at a forgotten bike in a neighbors yard, covered in vines
Resting in the shade of weeds that had grown round it

Suspended, stoic, and statuesque 
The boy looked at the man, the man at the bike

Oceans churned and boiled, clouds grew dark and heavy
The balance of justice had no-counter weight with which to measure such a moment

Suddenly, the skies parted, the sun shown and man revealed to the little boy
The value of morality and the struggle of living with integrity

He returned from his inward travels and stood as the King of righteousness
Thorny crown bestowed upon him, exclaiming prominenece and suffering

A King with no possessions was richer than most
He left the bike to its forgotten slumber and disappeared down the road

The boy has often peered from around the corners of his mind
To see if he has grown as tall

I fear for the little boy 
For the world offers nothing to such giants