PGBK, 11:45, sleeve–
randomness written here and 
there on my desk (although I am
a typical perfectionist who loves
organization) causes any other
person but me to scratch her head,
and I chuckle at my models.

Mom used to (and still does) 
complain to Dad about the need
to organize his garage. His reply
boasted knowing in absolution 
where anything was (is) located if
he needed(s) it.
She scoffed(s).
He grinned(s) like the Cheshire.

One’s disorder is another’s order.

A modulus–
(“mod,” the Latin root for “manner; kind”)
a quantity (organization style) by which
two given quantities (two different styles) can be
divided (managed) to yield
the same remainders (absolute retrieval)
organization = |Mom| or |-Dad|.

Bottom line…
perfectionism and/or Post-Its that is me and
Mom and Dad
all arrive at the same answer–
I love ’em.