As long as I can remember water,
its fluid sound was music,
the ocean waves to a child
lull the mind to rest. In nature
my comfort is the trees
and every stone is art.

With canvas and paint art
seeks to capture the color of water,
the secret voice of trees,
that resonate a deep music
only venturesome nature
lovers hear, or a curious child.

When I was a child
the firmament was art
framed by nature
and all around flowing water
lilted and lapped composing music,
harmonizing with wind in the trees.

Under the shade of trees
a sundappled child,
I listened and explored the music,
a theme for my art,
my legs knee deep in water
in my world of nature.

The wildness and textures of nature
shadowed by the trees,
dissected by gurgling water,
stones and mud, toys to a child.
The forest is the canvas for art
the water, a symphony of liquid music.

Now in my dream music
I find solace in nature.
The forest, the ocean, my preferred art.
Shelter is a canopy of trees.
I travel back to time as a child
finding peaceful voices in the water.

It is from the experience of water music,
the trees are my safety and art
while I live as a child of nature.

by Kelly Waterbury