The storm seized us unaware. 
One minute the fish were biting our lures of corn,
the next the drench descended
like Zeus unleashed, pelting
little thunderbolts of sting our way.
We grabbed the gear and sprinted for shelter,
ducking beneath a thick limestone ledge,
shaking off the wet like unmannered mutts.
The fish left behind: our lamented legends.
We settled on the dirt floor
and witnessed the spitting hardness
play rough with leaves and limbs,
ricochet off standing rocks.
Fear latched onto our senses
like an unwanted diagnosis.
Suddenly a deafening deluge
of backed up water surged over
the rock ledge trapping us behind.
The waterfall so unexpected
we could do nothing but marvel
at the dazzling miracle before us.  

When I heard you were gone,
I wandered for awhile
in that time wrinkle:
your eyes crazy with wonder,
your laughter cascading.