You’re the best lover I never had.


It’s so hard to forget what never happened between us.


It’s so hard to live with these regrets.


I miss the arms that never held me.


I miss the lips I never kissed.


I miss not being yours.


And I go back to you in my dreams.


I miss the way you never touched me

and the sweet way you never gazed at me.


I miss those romantic dates you never took me on

and the passionate way we never made love afterwards.


I miss the secrets we never shared.


I miss the nights we never shared.

And all the stars we never gazed at together.


I miss all the plans we never made.


I miss the pet names you never gave me.


I miss all the beautiful things you never said to me.


I miss the special way you never made me feel.


I miss you, baby.

And there’s no way to tell you anymore.


I miss you and everything we never had.