things like
years, months, days, hours–
things like this
don’t exist
in nature

they are human constructs,
made for convenience–
they do not exist 
in nature

the sun doesn’t know
it’s Tuesday, or June,
or 6:16 a.m. sunrise

to the sun, we are but 
a distant speck, a 
meaningless rock

the sun is the reason
humans can exist–
a little further away, 
and we would freeze;
much closer, 
and we would burn

God put us in
the goldilocks zone,
so we might live, 
and gave us a star
to provide
energy for humans,
animals, plants–

Our climate is due to the 
activity of the sun–
human activity is not on 
a scale to meaningfully affect
an entire planet (such hubris)

As Earth is a speck to the sun,
so, too, are humans specks
to the Earth

Remember this:
the seasons are caused 
by the 23.5 degree tilt
of the Earth
as it orbits–
the part tilted away
gets winter,
the part tilted toward
gets summer

All that drastic temperature change,
caused by just a little wobble