Between us 
There’s an ease 
Now, a light breeze
That dries
Our laundry on the line

So we go to Chaucer’s chiffarobe
Slice into a vacuum-sealed package
Of magic mushrooms
Saved to throw open the outdoor
Rooms of this very day.  We stay
Just a ledge above a micro-dose
Enough for a couple of meditative monks
On a pilgrimage to the back of the farm

Dividing Ridge Road 
Offers no explanation for itself
As we engage with dead neighbors
& Animals, wild or domesticated
& Midsummer flora in full regalia:
Here’s Mae in her apron waiting by
Her box for a note that never comes
Here’s old Ike, the ox, in full bellow
Here’s Daisy Mullekin shaking her head
Then throwing petals along our path
Here’s Geoffery & Alice & Aldous
Speaking their minds by a lotus tree
Where bees sing and dance.  We thread
Past fallen castles & bottomless pits
To the cleared overlook of Hawks’ Point,
The resident raptors screech at us
As they make their defiant rounds,
In awe we fall into each other and make
A playful tussle upon the ground.  Soon
Sleep pulls her curtain over our day

Awake to the buzz of a posse of ATVs
Making a slow climb up the draw,
I look high and low
But there is no you.  In
The metamorphosis of shroom, I’m
A naked monkey up the sentinel beech;
The roar comes near,  I spot
Five red Hondas in sonic eruption
And you
Across the way
In a tree’s hidden hollow
Looking up