we liked to play Go Fish and Uno in the hayloft
while the boys brought in the crops and
tended the horses

you liked to peek over the bales to watch the boys work
i liked watching you, though i didn’t understand 
the sparkle in your eyes while you watched that
you never had for me

go fish!

we giggled and talked about 
how glad we were
school was out
and that the days were not
yet too hot

do you have any nines?

church was best
because you sat next 
to me on the pew
and sometimes
we held hands

we learned about God
and sang about Jesus
and sometimes you
would come home 
with us for lunch
and then we all
played softball
while Mamaw 
churned the ice cream

but i am happy now,
to be near you,
to hear your laughter,
to feel the warmth of your body near mine

That’s the last card–you win!