Korea is a far place away. 
Daddy is over there fighting
Another war, No such luck
That beating the Germans
Made the world safe. 

The world is not my worry,
Little sister is taking on like
It’s all about her missing Pa. 
Mommy cries all day leaves 
Nobody but me to step up. 

Piano to practice, cookies to sell, cow
To milk, stoker to fill, no time for
The big game or fishing,chores first,
Reading my book has to wait. I’m 
Thinking being oldest is a bad bargain.
Coal dust in my hair, a sure turn off
For the dreamy boy  in homeroom.
Scarlett O Hara wore green curtains
In the book I can’t finish. My dungarees
And coal tatoos make me plain hopeless.

Pa please hurry and get this new war
Signed off and over. Being twelve  
Is too young to count and too old to fuss. 
Once I could yell  I was going out to eat
Worms. Now all alone,  I just grit and bear.
 K. Bruce Florence