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Lexington Poetry Month
the one kind face
article by
Kate Fadick

every two minutes in the backroom
of the coffeehouse the old man
asks anyone who will listen

what time it is every two minutes
exactly for twenty as one by one
people begin to ignore him except

the young man absorbed in a book
who every two minutes lifts his head
looks into the questioner’s eyes 
as if he has always known him

5 responses to “the one kind face”

  1. Dennis Preston says:

    One kind face – hope in the midst of a busy, troubled world. Good poem.

  2. Jim Lally says:

    …oh no, I think that was me in the Poezia room at Common Grounds…uh, really; what time it is?

  3. Larry Wheeler says:

    I love short poems that immediately engage you, take seconds to read and leave you thinking for minutes. I’ll bet you are a kind face also

  4. Mary Owens says:

    Good poem!

  5. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    How kind, and you captured it.

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