The past is never done.

Big rings from the Navajo nation
cannot camouflage my shortcomings,
My hands look old in photographs.

What happened that the dam burst
and town halls and churches
became sunken treasure
to be dug up in B-rated movies.
Don’t think I cast the actors in this scene.
They worked hard for their craft.

I watch, big screen flickering,
base speakers pound my chest,
speaking a language I understand.

The hero dives from his boat
to battle the sherif, 
defunded and dethroned.

The heroine strikes
saving her hero
atoning for her own sins.

The Navajo have a saying,
the coyote is always hungry,
the coyote is always out there.

Who will watch the store
now that 
the dam burst  

Even this B-rated movie
reminds me how rain felt
the day we buried you.

The past is never done.