Alyse Sammarco

Bio for 2021

Alyse Sammarco writes poetry, short stories and plays. Her writing tells stories in a uniquely introspective way, touching the reader with the emotion of a moment captured on the page. She is strongly influenced by the forests and streams of the Ohio River Valley were she grew up. She studied at the University of Rochester in New York, and at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio where she earned a JD. "Lawyers are wordsmiths, crafting stories through images and recording what would otherwise be forgotten." She has 3 sons and practices law in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Reason for signing up:

Sing baby sing! Even if it’s off key. Painting by Ricci Michaels.

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Participated in the 2021 Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge
Participated in the 2021 Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge

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