You won’t replace this piece of furniture
Just keep on using this same over-stuffed
Camelback Haywood-Wakefield (circa 1960)
It’s about the the only thing your mom salvaged
From her first marriage but nostalgia
Is not at play you say, it’s the principle
That a thing that’s finely crafted should
Be used for the entirity of its life.  Fine 
with me I say when I come in covered
with stick-tights and cockleburs, put
My feet up to rest after a wild trekkin’
And eat a box of crackerjacks. (Must say
though we have sown some mighty fine oats
On these old cushions).    A photo of you at six
In your underwear sitting on the sofa
(Then covered in gold, green and white stripes!)
Waiting for your mom to iron your dress
For school picture day shows your steadiness,
Your eyes fierce like you were riding in a wagon
through the tall grass of the high plains