Funny how people become gods
when given a grain of information.
Your future is now in a pretty little package
gifted to these flawless storytellers
who guide it along cliched courses
leading to these guaranteed endings.

Conflicts mapped by memories
create foreshadowed victories
from previous luck-based success,
like footprint diagrams of a dance,
step back, then right to forward
to win [insert desired goal here].

They’ll draw swords, fight another’s battle
for they surely can’t lose, (they’re gods!)
calling forth their infinite wisdom
to write your own story
while leaving out your divine secrets,
and losing wars by ulterior ignorance.

I’ve learned I need to keep my living life
separate from my defense mechanized
fictional storybook fantasies.
For once I let another storyteller on my page
their pseudo-godly ways will change
every word to failure, loss, and pain.