eyebrows are there to stop things in your hair
or on your forehead from dropping into your eyes–
eyelashes are the second line defense

the curves of your ears are there to 
scoop up sound and spin it inside,
where it can be amplified by the ear drum

fingers and toes have nails so there is
more tensile strength toward the ends,
so we might be able to grip or press with more 
force, without pain or damage

the soul is the totality of our true, eternal selves–
incarnate so we may play with creation,
make choices, and move our spirit
a little further down the roads
we choose. 

when our bodies die, each atom
returns, over time, to the world–
to be recycled and used by other people,
animals, plants, rocks, the earth, the sky

the soul will take its lessons with it,
seeking new experiences,
new choices–slowly advancing
toward love or hate–
continuing a journey
that never began
and will never end