Good Morning everyone

Thank you for meeting so early

I know you have lives but

This is important


Do we want meaningless shit option A?

Or meaningless shit option B?


-Karen- What about meaningless shit option C?


Karen try to stay on topic.

We all love your outside the box thinking


-Dave- No we don’t.


Dave please don’t start.

Karen we truly value your opinion

Now, back to task….


Meaningless shit Option A has little to no impact on your job performance, outward appearance, or standing within the community whatsoever.

It will however require 3-6 more hours of your time per week.


Meaningless shit option B however, will have greater impact on your overall work dissatisfaction, costs double, and will take away from the precious few life hours you have remaining.

This is the way we’re leaning…


So can we put it to a vote?

Yes, Karen…


-Karen- What about a hybrid option of meaningless shit option A and meaningless shit option B?


Oh damn?!


I like where your heads at!

Guys this is what we need to be doing more of. Everyone take a good look at Karen. THIS is EXACTLY what we want!


-Dave- Can I say something?


Is it gonna be nice?


-Dave- Never mind.


Ok, everyone!


Now that we have all this figured out, let’s regroup this afternoon to discuss some more meaningless shit that tears down THIS meaningless shit and starts us over at square one.


-Dave- I have an appointment in Hell that I really can’t miss.


Ok, Karen, can you take notes for Dave…?