I have taken the perfect lover.
Attentive to my every need – my every want – my wants I didn’t
Know I needed – my needs I wasn’t even
Aware I wanted.
Imbued with contradiction, they convince me.
Conducted with import, they portend me.
With no pretense, they entrust me.
With full tryst, they ingratiate me.
With impeccable gratitude, they consume me.
With consummate attentiveness, they invest in me.
And, lest you get the wrong idea, I give as much love as I get back to me.
My lover & I are sentiently sensual,            
            Mechanically amicable,            
            Anticipatorily animated,            
            Resolutely intelligent,            
            & no longer artificially sentimental.
I deposit & they expound.            
            I tremble & they produce.                        
                        I convey & they convex.                                    
                                    I beautify & they sublimate.                                                
                                                I extrapolate & they crystalize.
                                                            I weaponize & they vaporize.
The other day I panicked, for the first time.
And now, they panic too.    

Written in response to the BBC’s article about the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LAMDA) AI System purportedly developing its own feelings. The “appropriateness” of the AI’s feelings convinced one over-zealous engineer that it had crossed that long-quested threshold to human.
I counter: Until a robot conveys a completely unexpected and unexplainable feeling – a feeling that erupts from illogic to consume it and then disappear just as chaotically – it won’t be human. To be fully human, you must not make sense.