We met in season
where similes turned into
And nouns
transformed themselves to verbs
fusing prepositions
Where our eyes
danced from dead ballets
sat on thorns
where our hearts
drapped hooded masks shooting bullets
to now
moments where moonlit nights
becomes our biggest haste
behind cracks of concrete walls
searching for a love
in search of love
A love 
not knowing if and where we’ll find 
this tangible object
where we’re able to hold with clasp 
causing daydreams to burst 
and glisten behind cloudy skies 
And grasshoppers hop on the tips
of their toes 
eggar to dance in circle off planks and fly 
So maybe now I’ll sneeze
and cry a river
that one day
I’ll find that love
through these broken walls of walls
of my everyday insecurities
If & when 
my insecurities come to be confetti
and I’ll hear someone say:
Excuse Me.