Bio for 2022

Dwayne E. Parker AKA "BlackTree" is a(n) Father, Son, Brother, Disabled Army Veteran, Poet, Artist, Play Writer, and a lover of words. He began his journey into the arts in the year of 2010 while residing in EL Paso, TX with the Barbed Wire Open Mic Series. Dwayne reflects his craft from his experiences looking into the contrast from his life. While contracting Sarcoidosis while serving in the U.S. Army 1995. He would later find out he would need a Heart Transplant in 8/22/2019. Having relocated back to his home roots in Kentucky in 2017 from El Paso, TX, Dwayne again found himself rescued by the love of writing words of poetry and visual stories on canvas. While teaching himself abstract art and photography. Suffers from trimmers and muscle spasms Dwayne has painted such pieces as: Traveling Through My Organic Blues, The Way the Flag Waves, Ain’t She Beautiful and Adam's, Atom. But the most profound piece is Dalton’s Heart. Moreover, he has written such poems as: Sand Man, A Wave Paved, It’s all about Letters & Numbers 2 Words to be an Up Right Man, and I Ain’t yo’ Rasin winning second place of the Carnegie Literacy Center Inc. “Harriett A. Rose Legacies Contest. He has also had the honor of being recognized of his works to have won (First Place) College Literary Poetry Contest at (Mountain View College of Dallas, TX April 2005), League of Innovation Literary Competition (Second Place2005) and has had literary work published in the Dallas Weekly for a poem title: “Autumns Dusk”.

Reason for signing up:

To learn how to expand my thoughts and words of poetry.

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