Where do I start Marie Kongo?
To whom do I relinquish a 70’s jewel toned
chevron muumuu?
Who would appreciate the once worn 
party dress
like my once close
now estranged friend who laughed with me
at the polyester prize?
How do I part with my children’s sweet 
little drawings? Or my own that may 
someday be turned into a painting?
Flea market family adventure finds
so fun to score 
lay about the dresser, the fireplace,
the floor
Memories trump joy
and this soon to be empty nest
may remain filled to the brink
though several steps shy of hoarders
I think
Minimize, downsize
it seems so apppealing
though what would amuse
without my miniatures shelf? 
or those vintage perfume bottles and books?
What will fill in the space where my kids have gone?
I imagine 3 extra large bears on each of their beds
relaying telepathic messages 
We are here, in your heart, don’t despair