How differently days start
Time has flooded my rooms
in the form of Water
Some days
I walk
completely submerged
in heavy weights of water
big aqua bricks stacked high
allowing no air
to breathe all day
I merely hold my breath
I am lucky to look
out the front door
But then there are other days
I trudge knee deep
dragging each leg
in tandem slowly
willing mind over matter
pinning notes of
self-appointed tasks
in the byways
of passage through
the house
there are open windows
air breezes into
my lungs
I get new ideas
Yet, on the best days
I dive out of bed
into a lane of water
for an Olympic swim
I butterfly
until all is done
and I am astonished
to find that
I have been navigating
Those days
carry no lamentations
no need for cheers
but rather
the gift is in knowing
I am fully