While shopping the pharmacy at the grocery store
I turned the corner and came upon it:
The Great Wall of Gummies in all its glory
Vitamins A, B, C, D . . . well you know the alphabet
But I wasn’t aware of the more exotic –
Shameless snack gummies (Keto, of course)
Guava bat guano gummies (all organic)
Mr.Breast Karl gummies (low sugar, no breasts)
All shaped like bears and zebras and nerds, oh my!
And the sign – Coming Soon
Red white and blue 4th of July gummies
Spicy enough to set off fireworks in your mouth
Stuck in an apartment or no place to grill?
Steak juice gummies with a hint of parsley
Charred zucchini gummies for the vegans
Can’t get to the state fair this summer?
Cotton candy gummies and fried pickle gummies
Fun balloon shapes for the kiddies
Just think of the dazzling future – no dishes to wash
No meals to plan, no fuss or mess
(Sigh) The American Dream has turned squishy